need your data back recover lost data safely ?

Do you have important files?
Have memories and old photos you do not want to lose?
There is more than one way to keep people important things .. But most of us keep them on the computer and fixed computers and laptop (keep in the Hrddisk inside the laptop or computer).


And there are those who keep them in the external Hard disk! .

Many customers when I ask them why you did not back up your files?
The answer is normal .. I did not expect the Hard disks(disrupted)
Does the Hard disks Exposed to fall?! An exhibition for a vacation due to electricity or any other reason!

Yes, Hard disk may stop working without warning and the cost of repair will be high .. Be careful .. Prevention is better than cure.
What if you fell off the Hard disk and become a voice?!

Answer: If your data is important, do not connect the Hard Disk again to your computer .. Do not give this Hard disk to a non-specialist to repair it!.

Make sure that not a computer technician or a programmer can deal with hard diskĀ  .. I assure you that most of the hard disk that can be repaired and of course can not be repaired by anyone is the result of an attempt to repair the initial failed …

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