How We Can Recover WD My Passport / Elements Asking for Format

WD My Passport / Elements Asking for Format

 When you are using WD My Passport or Elements drive for backup and store your important files.  Then one day you plug it in and suddenly it’s asking you to format it.

this is a very common situation relating to Western Digital’s 2.5″ external hard drives including the My Passport, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Studio, My Passport Essential and Elements drives. If you face this problem with your wd drive.. Don’t think there is normal recovery software can make your drive recovered or alive.. Only the company with right tools can Recover your data back.

Alwasat Gate can recover your data from your drive

How We Can Recover WD My Passport / Elements

If the problem from firmware we have the tools to repair the firmware then recover your data

If the problem is Heads need to replace we can replace the heads for your drive then recover you data .. we have the cleanroom and all tools to success in this way

Caution:  Don’t give you drive to a computer repair places offering data recovery services.  These shops can’t  handle WD My Passport & Elements drives, If they don’t even own a Data recovery tools and have a clean room, they are not equipped to handle it.

If you are currently looking for professional recovery on a case like this, we’d love to offer you a free evaluation to see what can be done.  

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