CCTV DVR Data Recovery


Alwasat Gate InformationTechnology is the first Professional Data Recovery Center in Bahrain, offers many different methods to get your important information back off of your digital media. Because of the portability of this type of media it is extremely fragile. We have seen many extreme circumstances that renders your equipment useless. You may think there is no hope but through our methods we might be able to bring back documents that you think are lost forever. We deal with clients that are scared there data is lost forever.

Recovery of ‘Deleted’ CCTV Video

Surveillance video can often play a big impact in any criminal or civil matter, making recovery of this evidence crucial. However, there are many situations where this video cannot be exported by the DVR itself.

While the causes of this are numerous, some potential reasons include:

Malicious deletion of specific clips or formatting of the entire hard drive
System malfunctions or resets that cause data to become unrecoverable using the DVR
Accidental deletions or formats potentially caused by date/time changes or other user actions
By conducting low level recovery of the DVR data, we are often able to forensically recover data from a DVR that is not accessible using the DVR itself, allowing you to recover data that the DVR can no longer play or export or recover partially overwritten video.

And more

We need you to bring the DVR unit and tell us what happened to the DVR. Don’t think about camera’s, the unit is all we need.