Data Recovery Process

Alwasat Gate Data Recovery Process:

After speaking to a Al-wasat Gate customer service representative you will be given a quote based on your scenario. We will let you know how the process works and give a time estimate depending on the service level you choose.

Step 1: Paperwork

Fill out the required paperwork here and ship or bring in your damaged media to Al-wasat Gate lab.  Using the link provided or clicking ‘Send your Media!’ below will allow you to fill out our paperwork electronically and get a free Aramax shipping label if you would like.  If you would rather fill out the paperwork manually, we can send it to you via email.

Step 2: Check in

We will check your job into our system and send you an email, whatsapp and call you notifying you that the media arrived safely.

Step 3: Diagnosis

Once our technicians have diagnosed your drive, you will receive a firm quote of what the recovery will cost. At this point you can choose to accept the recovery or decline.

Step 4: Recovery

If you chose to proceed with the recovery, we will then begin the recovery process.  You can call or send email to the status of your recovery .Once we have a successful recovery we provide you with a file listing of what we recovered in order for you to check and verify a good recovery.

Step 5: Transfer

After reviewing the file listing and approving, we will go ahead and put the recovered data on another form of media for you. We will then ship the data back to you or you can pick it up at our facilities.